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In modern education scenarios, students chose their graduation subjects according to market trends. Boom in technological aspects of every field has increased demand of technical degree at entry level jobs. IT sector has become most job providing sector in India. Abundance of 4-year conventional engineering Degree college, less seats, obsolete curriculum has just contributed to its discontinuity. is a good option and has its short and precise academic curriculum made it pick of the bunch. It is a three year course which mainly focusses on programming language, data structure, web developments, Networking, SQL etc.
It is a job oriented course that caters to the needs of the IT Industry. IT Industry has had its phases of gloom. Still, the sector has been growing in the recent past. Many IT parks and Hubs are being introduced across many Indian states. So, under such circumstances, going for B.Sc. IT will help one acquire sound IT skills that will help him/her land a decent job in the IT sector. Thanks to the arrival of Digital India and Tech Start-up culture, IT professionals’ demand on the rise!
there are many colleges which provides this courses but patronage Institute in Greater Noida is one of the best Best BSC Institute in Noida Patronage provide many tools which helps in development of students at professional level. Its campus is designed to cater the need of a IT Professional and there are many Digital initiatives which make a student IT literate in minimal time.

Advantages of Doing (It) from patronage

  •  Full Scholarship for academic years

Patronage is the only institute in Greater Noida area which provide Full Scholarships for meritorious students. Their scholarship programme is backed by UNICEF and GGSF so it’s also provide students for a Global exposure. Students will be evaluated by top organisation so there will be great chances for bigger employment opportunities.
  • Employment Opportunities in Research and Development Fields

Patronage institute is controlled by KMI Group. KMI is MNC and has its bases in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and has its consumer base across the globe. So placement has not been an issue here. Students can get opportunities for various Technical Field . students can get opportunity to work for tech laboratories.
  • Digital initiatives

Patronage has taken many tech initiatives like E-library which give online access to all the study materials within the reach of mobile phone and laptop/PC. It also provides latest technology blogs and articles by top corporate professionals. Its students monitoring system is a one of a kind system which help students to check their improvements and course completion.
  •  Highly qualified faculty

Patronage boost a faculty of highest esteem as its faculty members include people from Stanford’s university, IIT, IIM and top institutes. Patronage group main focus is on developing education system in India and It is just a beginning for becoming one of the top college for IT courses not only in India but in whole world.
  • Additional AI certification without any charges

To make students more competent for today’s market Patronage provide AI certification courses from Stanford’s University on top of Degree course. This course is so designed to align AI advantages in Programmes and other existing system. It will give students an upper hand in getting employment. This also help students to get into a whole new field without giving too much time for its basic education.AI is latest Field which has huge potential and will ready professionals for future world.

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