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Trending Vocational Short Term Certificate Courses : Scope, Future aspects & career option.

Revolution in industries and introduction of newer technology have also altered the job portfolios in modern industrial age, conventional graduate and post graduate courses are becoming less and less relevance. Availability of large number of graduates had just added to problem itself. Now companies need the people who are job ready so that their training cost and time can be saved. All these circumstances just made a graduate degree just a qualifying criterion nothing more. Even many Top MNC’s are now conducting their own paid development programs which are totally paid by candidates, it saves company cost of training to fresher’s, HCL-TSS is one of them.    
So, to overcome this situation a Fresher should have an advantage in terms of education and knowledge and one of the major solutions to this is a certification course.

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Certification course is Tailored course which is developed to impart specialization in a particular segment of technical education. These are meant to develop practical skills and real time knowledge of the concerned field. It doesn’t require you to complete a program in a long span. A certification course can be anywhere between 3 - 11 months.
Due to increase in competition in various areas like Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Medicines, Project Management, teaching etc. getting a Certification Course has become necessary for a person to stand ahead of others in competition. 
At those times when companies hire new employees or analyse their job performance, preference is given to those candidates who are a Certified Professional. Certification Course helps an individual to showcase his competency, commitment for the profession, build expertise in his professional subject area, and helps with job advancement. It is a designation earned by a person giving a kind of assurance to the company of his competencies of performing a job.

Certification Courses are required in every industry for various reasons as mentioned below:

These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology needed to perform a task efficiently
These courses are job focused and provide a wide range of skills to an individual so that he can perform well when dealing with complex projects, vendors and multi platform environment. Thus, helps in enhancing the confidence level of an individual.
The curriculum of these courses is designed in such a way that it includes all practical skills to be used at the work place. When an individual has a prior knowledge of his subject area it helps him to perform much more confidently and efficiently at workplace.
It provides training on various aspects of subject and guides them to utilize them effectively into their work environments. This assures employers about the capabilities of an employee that he can successfully complete a job.
It provides detailed knowledge and skills required to perform real-world job responsibilities. Certification Course is followed by a series of tests conducted at the completion of course that helps to assess the capabilities and expertise of an individual in his chosen subject area.
When you do a Certification Course you acquire the necessary skills helping you to stay competitive.
Having a prior knowledge of the job responsibilities provided by these courses helps an individual to easily adapt to the work environment and quickly advance in his career.

Following are some of the Internationally Recognized Certification Courses in various fields:

  • TEFL is certificate course which teaches you the fundamentals of English language construction. This course is internationally recognized and conducted by U.S. Department of Education Recognized Agency.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is certificate course which involves integration of AI with computer programs to make it self-improving and optimizing after every use. AI is one of the most sought-after courses due to is application in almost everything. Modern digital age has just contributed to its importance. Now major institution is providing certificate courses in AI at different level and Stanford’s AI program is one of best. Patronage institute in Noida provide AI certification in India and is affiliated to Stanford’s University.
  • Digital marketing is a certificate course which deals in skills required for e- marketing. Due to emergence of e-commerce and many social media platforms, almost everyone is active digitally so it feeds a large amount for potential customers and service seekers. It leads to greater need for professionals who can market a product online. Digital marketing is a booming career field and its relevance is increasing day by day.
  • Fashion technology is a certificate course which is made to add on the fashion designer market. Increase in globalization also increased the cultural transfer, now people try practice different types of clothing styles depending on the climate, occasion, trending, and many factors. All these factors have increased the demand for fashion designers and expert professionals in fashion technology. Indian institute of fashion technology (IIFT), offer certification course in fashion technology through its affiliated college. Patronage is a top science & technology college in Delhi NCR region which provide this course.

There are many other certification courses also like, data analyst, design, SQL, animation, graphic designing, web designing, sports management, public relation, etc. 

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